The Football Federation of Abkhazia (FFA) was established in 2007 and is led by the former Dynamo Sukhum player Jemal Gubaz

Until today the Abkhazian national team only played 3 friendly matches:
Two matches against Nagorno-Karabakh in 2011. The home match ended with a 1-1 draw and the away match was lost 0-3.
The latest match was against South Ossetia in 2013 was a home match again and was won with 3-0.

Interestingly one of their best players, Anri Tania, who scored against South Ossetia, also played for a club in Northern Cyprus, another ConIFA member, for a while.

Besides that connections Abkhazia never met any of our members on the field before and we hope to change that soon to see where Abkhazia stands!

Dynamo Sukhum manager Mr Astamur told us that Abkhazia could compete with the teams of Kurdistan, Northern Cyprus, Quebec and Zanzibar and we are all looking forward if that expectation can really be met.


About Abkhazia

Abkhazia is an independent state at the Eastern coast of the Black Sea which is only recognized by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru, Tuvalu and other unrecognized nations. They declared sovereignity in 1990 and were first registered in 2008 by Russia. Whilst Georgia until today declares that Abkhazia is a part of Georgia.

Regardless of the official status or recognition Abkhazia is de-facto independent and self-governed and thus has an excellent reason to field an own national team.



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